House of Friendship

At the House of Friendship, Rotarians present ideas, projects, and their countries! Experience local culture and try culinary specialties from around the world! Learn more about service projects, Rotary Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups. Rotary merchandise will be displayed and the Resource Center will inform about Rotary programs and services. The House of Friendship is a central point of every Convention where Rotarians come to talk, exchange ideas and build relationships.

Rotary Service Projects 

Service projects from around the world will be showcased in the House of Friendship. Visiting Rotarians can become inspired and build relationships with other clubs. 

Rotary Fellowships

Fellowships especially love to exhibit in the House of Friendship, as this is a great way to reach new members.

Rotarian Action Groups

Many Rotarian Action Groups also present their groups and projects in the House of Friendship.


If you are a licensed seller of Rotary merchandise, project exhibitor or a Rotarian that would like to showcase a topic, the House of Friendship is the place for you! Contact us if you would like to become an exhibitor.