Preconvention ticketed Events & Accommodation

The official Preconvention evening events will take place from Thursday, May 30th until Saturday, June 1st, 2019.
Please note: Tickets for the Preconvention and Convention must be booked through Rotary International.


Frequently asked questions

1. Where will I stay?

The Host Organizing Committee has reserved multiple hostel accommodation options throughout Hamburg, where Preconvention attendees will share rooms with Rotaracters from around the world. 

In German youth hostels it is common to bring your own towel. Normally it is possible to rent a towel at the reception for a fee of 2-4 euros. 

2. Can I share a room with friends?

The basic idea of a convention is to make new acquaintances. For this reason, your international roommates will be randomly allocated.

However, we will not rule out that it may be possible to request roommates at a later date. We will let you know if this is the case.

3. Is it possible to change or cancel packages?

A change or a cancellation of the packages is not possible. However, you can transfer your package to another person until April 30, 2019. To transfer your package please contact

You would like to sell, change or buy a package? Check out our Package Exchange Facebook group

4. I booked a Reeperbahn package. Can I add accommodation to this?

At the moment this is not possible. You would have to sell your Reeperbahn package and purchase a new Elbe, Elbe Urban, Alster or Alster Urban package. Please use our Facebook Package Exchange group for this. 

5. Can I book the mentioned accommodation options without a Preconvention package?

No, this is not possible. Other accommodation options can be found on the Rotary International's website.

6. Can I book „Preconvention Host-ticketed events" individually?

If there is availability, we will offer the "Preconvention Host-ticketed events" individually on our website at a later date.

7. What events are happening during the convention?

In addition to the "Preconvention Host-ticketed events", we are planning "Networking Events" during the Rotary International Convention between Sunday, June 02 and Wednesday, June 05, which will be announced at a later date. There are also Host-ticketed events that may be of interest to you as well.


For further questions please use our contact form.