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International guests and friends from around the world have the opportunity to experience the club life of a select group of Rotary clubs in northern Germany on the evening of June 4th! Local clubs will invite you to an unforgettable evening. Become inspired and share your Rotary experiences and projects with other Rotarians.

Guests will be randomly assigned to a hosting Rotary club.
The ticket price includes transport to and from the event and a meal, provided by the club. 

Information subject to change.


Frequently asked questions

1. My club is interested in hosting visiting Rotarians. Whom do we contact about this?

Thank you for your interest! Please contact us via our contact form.

2. I am a guest. Can I choose which event I want to go to?

Due to the high number of hosting events the HOC will randomly assign the guests to the different events. You will be informed in advance where your event is and how to get there.

3. I would like to attend but the event is sold out. Is there a waiting list?

Unfortunately there is no waiting list. 

TUESDAY, 4 June 2019

6:30 PM

9:30 PM (depends on host hospitality event)

81 locations in Hamburg metropolitan area

Ticket price 29,00 Euro including taxes

Sold Out